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Today we are reviewing the latest version of Oral-B's highly rated electric toothbrush, the Pro 6000, which as Oral-B proudly claim is the only electric toothbrush which is officially approved for use by the British Dental Health Foundation. It’s stand out feature is it’s a platinum rating for excellent plaque removal when used normally on a twice daily basis.

It features Oral-B’s latest Triple Action Pressure Control System and it also includes both audible and visual signals which aid with your daily brushing routine and we were rather impressed that it will automatically adjust brush speeds if you are applying too much pressure when brushing, which we think is great if you’re sometimes just a bit too keen when cleaning.

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It’s also includes their new and improved wireless digital Smart Guide which rewards correct brushing with its Star Reward System which over time will help you improve you oral health routines no end.  Combined with its digital timer and teeth-quadrant prompt to ensure you spend equal amounts of time cleaning each section of your mouth.

The patented 3D brushing technology both rotates and pulsates which helps leave your mouth feeling super fresh whilst also removing around 100% more plaque than your old manual brush. It features an impressive five different brushing modes which allow you control the type of clean you require, excellent for monthly polish cleans with a deep clean toothpaste. As standard it arrives with three fully interchangeable brush heads, its own custom charging station, a high quality travel case plus the typical two pin bathroom plug.

Let’s have a look at what you get when the box arrives:

  • 1 x Oral-B Pro 6000 toothbrush handle
  • 1 x Smart Guide device – Which is fully wireless and we will cover more about this later in the review.
  • 1 x Floss Action brush head
  • 1 x 3DWhite brush head
  • 1 x Sensitive Clean brush head
  • 1 x Charging station with built-in storage for up to 4 brushes.
  • 1 x Sturdy travel case ideal for long weekends away

The Pro 6000 has recently been rewarded with best rating possible from the British Dental Health Foundation, this only reinforces the quality of this brush and combined with following our daily oral tips you too can make sure your mouth stays clean and fresh. In comparison to a manual brush this electric toothbrush will remove 100% more plaque, which in turn greatly reduces the common problems faced by dentists.

How does it look and feel?

The latest model of the Professional 6000 has once again been slightly slimmed down for a more sleek design and the shape of the new handle have been greatly improved with a much more ergonomic design plus a brand new material covering the toothbrush makes it easier to grip than ever before for a much more comfortable brushing experience. The improved stop start button makes this brush super simple to operate and the high contrast LCD screen located on the handle means you can glance down at the battery level very easily. This is great for dark early mornings.

Excessive brushing stops pulsation and switches mode to Sensitive

How does it improve your oral health?

Quite often one of the bad habits people pick up when first using an electric toothbrush is excessive brushing and applying too much pressure whilst brushing their teeth. This often stems from a habit they picked up when they used their old manual toothbrush, and excessive brushing can cause damage to your gums if this behavior carries on over time. Therefore in order to help their users avoid too much brushing, the new Triumph 5000 features Oral-B’s superior “Triple Action Pressure Control System.” This new clever addition to the brush is able to tell when you're using too much pressure when you’re cleaning your teeth, and it has three types of signals to let you know you're brushing too hard.

1. You can hear it - The pulsating action of the electric toothbrush is stopped, this in turn makes the sound of the toothbrush change, it gives you a clear auditory signal that you're brushing too hard which encourages you to lighten your pressure and return to the correct brushing method.

2. You can see it – A bright red light band that is fully integrated with the handle of the electric toothbrush. This begins to clearly flash, which gives you a red visual sign to reduce pressure to prevent gum damage.

3. If all else fails it does it for you - The toothbrush takes control of the brushing by automatically changing your brushing mode to the Sensitive option, which greatly reduces the speed of the brush head, which not only warns you to light pressure it also means you are at risk from over brushing, if you push too hard it will adjust to compensate avoiding any damage to your teeth or gums, an excellent feature which makes it stand out from the crowd.

The Oral-B 6000 electric toothbrush also includes their new and improved Smart Guide which will actively motivate you during cleaning and pushes you to achieve a more thorough but gentle cleaning action each and every time you brush with it. The digital Smart Guide unit wirelessly connects with the toothbrush to ensure you get real-time feedback which in turn helps you clean your mouth properly and without thinking about it you develop better habits which promote healthier teeth and gums.

Oral-B has also added a new and improved “Star Reward System” feature to their already impressive chart of advanced features included within their Smart Guide. Basically it’s an easy to understand and effective system which will help to motivate you into better brushing, it consists of stars that light up one by one as you brush, and once you have completed the required full two minutes of brushing it gives you a full five-star rating. This ensures your mouth is equally cleaned and ensures the full amount of plague removal is achieved.

As well as the new improved stars rating the brush has a wireless mode indicator, the Smart Guide has features which will combine to feedback brushing information to you in real-time this includes which section of your mouth you need to be brushing now, how long you should be brushing for in total and most impressively it alerts you when you're apply too much pressure.

  • LCD Teeth Cleaning Timer:  This feature times your brushing to ensure you get the full dentist-recommended two minutes, ensuring the brush has enough time to take proper effect.
  • Visual Pressure Sensor and Alerter: This is a visual warning which appears on the LCD screen when you’re applying a little bit too much pressure to help you keep control of your brushing and to help you to protect your gum line from damage and irritation.
  • The Improved Quadrant Prompt: Prompts you after 30 seconds to change the quadrant, or area, of your mouth, helping you to brush thoroughly across all four quadrants of your mouth.

Custom Brushing Options

As well as the LCD screen this brush boasts five different brushing modes, this means each day your cleaning routine can vary. Each mode can be easily selected at the touch of a button which means you can very easily switch each brush mode which include Daily Clean, Massage, Sensitive, Polish or Deep Clean.

  • Daily Clean: Your everyday option which includes “Exceptional cleaning of teeth and gums"

  • Massage: Gentle stimulation of gums which encourages blood flow and better deep gum cleaning.

  • Sensitive: Ideal for those with sensitive areas of your mouth, you can gently yet thoroughly clean all your sensitive areas.

  • Polish: A deep polishing action which encourages natural whitening of your teeth and over time will help to remove staining and improve your teeth’s overall whiteness.

  • Deep Clean: For that very thorough, dentist clean feeling, and ideal for use with deep clean once monthly toothpaste.

Cleaning and Storage

Cleaning and storing the brush is easy, the recharging station is fully dishwasher-safe ideal for keeping the unit clean and hygienic. The base holds the electric toothbrush and up to four additional head units, great for keeping everything nice and tidy when it’s in your bathroom. The functional and sturdy storage case makes travel with the brush easy and with its long

Compatible with a wide range of brush heads

It's fully compatible with a wide selection of the Oral-B brush heads, which include Precision Clean, Dual Action, Floss Action, Sensitive Clean and the new 3D White. All of these were designed following inspiration from dentists, with each head cupping each tooth in order to fully remove up to 99.7% of plaque in difficult to reach mouth areas when the brush is used in Deep Clean mode. Each electric toothbrush head comes with a different colour ring which easy connects to the base of the main replacement head. These coloured rings come in a selection of colours which is perfect for families who share the main handle exchanging head for each use.

Overall Summary of the  Electric Toothbrush

Overall we really love this brush, so much so that we awarded it the winner in our recent best electric toothbrushes for sensitive teeth review, mainly due to the large variety of brushing options it provides and the fact it can be used with one of the best sensitive brush heads in the world. We would highly recommend this brush as an option for anyone who wants a through, but gentle cleaning experience.

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