Colgate ProClinical A1500 Review

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The ProClinical A1500 is a definite candidate as one of our best electric toothbrushes, it’s the top of the line model from the well known dental manufacturer Colgate. It contains all of the technology from both the C200 and C600 models such as the sonic pulse action plus a whole load of impressive additional features too. This is Colgate’s first brush to include smart sensors, an amazing technology which automatically adjusts the speed and pressure of the brushing action to clean your teeth and gums in the optimal way. 
Before explain smart sensors in more detail let’s quickly cover the standard features which you would expect to find in one of the best sonic toothbrushes; it’s built-in brushing timer, which helps ensure you brush for the full dentist-recommended two minutes, this allows time for the brush to give your mouth a really good deep clean to ensure as much plaque and bacteria are removed as possible plus a less frequently recognised benefit of the timer is prevention of over brushing, which over time can also lead to you harming your gums.

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ProClinical A1500 Safety Features

The two minute timer is complimented very well by the 30 second quadrant warning, which we know sounds complicated but we promise it isn’t, before you start brushing simply separate your mouth into four sections upper right and left as well as lower right and left, then after 30 seconds of brushing the electric toothbrush will pause briefly at which time you should move it to a new section of your mouth, this evenly spaces all of your cleaning and means every quadrant gets fair and equal attention. 
So lets move on to overall usability, the Colgate Proclinical A1500 is one of the more advanced options on the market, however it really is so easy to use, if you go for the automatic mode there’s just one button to press, however if you want or need to customise the brushing actions you can have total control over this too. This is a nice feature which is not included with the more affordable Proclinical C200 and C600 models and we must say It took a bit of getting use to but honestly it offers loads of extra customisation that you don’t get with a standard electric toothbrush. 
The manual mode selection buttons, on the front of the ProClinical A1500 allows you to change both the speed settings of the electric toothbrush and brushing action itself. We thought this was brilliant if you have particularly sensitive teeth or even suffer from receding gums as it allows you to make the toothbrush perform a more gentle, slower clean which will greatly help to reduce any damage to your dental health.
As well as the button interface the other thing you will notice when you first look at your new electric toothbrush, aside from the slimline design, is the simple LCD screen. This provides you with two pieces of “vital” teeth cleaning information. First off it displays the timer which allows you to check how much longer you need to clean for and the second is the 45 degree angle indicator, which actually is very useful when using the automatic mode to clean your gum line. We think it helps you to make the most of the smart sensors included in the design as it was very easy to tell when the gum line action was active.
ProClinical A1500 PackagingA nice little extra which we think is worth a mention is the sturdy travel case which is included in the design, it adds a good level of portability and with the ProClinical A1500’s battery life you will have no trouble taking this brush away on holiday, a long weekend away from home or a perhaps business trip, it will sit neatly into your case, be protected and ready for when you need to use it.
So now we have covered the features lets move on to why when it comes to deep cleaning this could be the best electric toothbrush available in the UK. The A1500 is packed with lots of ingenious ways to keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy, to begin with it utilises sonic wave cleaning technology. The sonic toothbrushes capabilities allow it to efficiently clean parts of your gumline which a normal toothbrush sadly will not, removing food particles and plaque with ease and far more effectively than your existing manual brush.
Colgate actually claim that it has been proven to remove 5x more plaque at the gum line in comparison to your current manual toothbrush, this is a bold claim and whilst we haven’t sat here and tested our gum lines the reviews all seem very positive. 
There second claim is a lot easier to prove, and that is the brushes whitening effects. It has been designed to effectively remove everyday stains such as tea and coffee and this over time will greatly improve the whiteness of your smile. Again reviewers all seem very positive with some mentioning a very noticeable change within a matter of weeks. We can quote one Amazon reviewer saying: “For the stain removal alone it's worth its weight in gold.” We definitely noticed a difference.

An Intelligent Electric Toothbrush

Before we cover the details of the smart sensor technology in detail we should also mention the interdental cleaning capabilities, which can sometimes also be described as a “floss action”. This imitates the great cleaning effects of flossing your teeth and whilst we aren’t trying to say won’t ever need to floss again whilst using this electric toothbrush it will definitely reduce how often you need to worry about doing it and you will notice the difference.Plus most users won't already floss anyway, in fact a recent study showed that only 22% of UK adults floss on a regular basis. Another positive is that once again it’s all automatically taken care of because the brush head is already uniquely designed to get deep between teeth to reach areas a manual brush won’t, so without even taking advantage of sonic toothbrush technology you would notice a difference.
Talking of brush heads the Proclinical A1500 is comes complete with three. There are two options available within the Colgate ProClinical range:
The first is the Colagte Proclinical Triple Clean Brush head, you get two of these to begin with and when we first inspected them we noticed the spiral effect bristles which have been designed to help polish teeth in order to naturally whiten them by removing everyday buildup on teeth from things like tea and coffee. These products will stain teeth over a long period of time so by removing them daily the natural whiteness of your teeth will begin to shine through. 
It’s also features unique looking inner bristles which seem to do a great the job of removing plaque from teeth surfaces, this in turn greatly reduces the risk of oral health problems developing in your mouth, which will lead to unpleasant issues like gum disease and tooth decay. 
The last part of the electric toothbrush head featured outward facing tapered bristles which have been developed to clean deep along the gum line, therefore removing all the bacterial buildup which trapped food and plaque cause, of course the pulsating action of the sonic toothbrush helps to do this so a similar effect can be achieved with the next brush head too.
The second one included in the box is the Colgate ProClinical Sensitive Electric Toothbrush Head. The sensitive brush head has been specially designed to be much more gentle on your gum line and in it will greatly reduce the risks which are often associated with over aggressive teeth cleaning. 

ProClinical A1500 Electric Toothbrush Handle

If you need a the best electric toothbrush for receding gums then this could be ideal the soft tapered bristles will clean more softly along the gum line. (We do of course recommend you speak to your dentist for advice on the matter.) If you're worried that the sensitive brush might not clean as effectively rest assured it will provide the same great actions as the normal brush head just without the harder bristle. The head also includes additional  extra-fine inner bristles these are used to gently clean your enamel, however we did notice that stain removal is slightly slower with the sensitive brush head but gradually the the change became much more noticeable. If you decide to buy a Proclinical A1500 electric toothbrush we urge you to pick up a tooth whitening chart from your dentist, compare the results and let us know, we would love to hear from you.
We should also point out that both of the options that are included with this package are the same as the ones which can be used with the more affordable electric toothbrushes from the ProClinical range, so if this model is out of your price range we recommend you take a look at the Proclinical C600 which doesn’t feature the smart sensor technology but does have some great electric toothbrush features.
So finally lets talk a bit more about these Smart Sensors, The basic idea is that when you brush your teeth you hold the brush at different angles to reach certain types of teeth, for example you hold your brush facing down when brushing your molars (back teeth) the brush detects that and automatically adjusts the brushing action to include a downward pulse, this pulse effectively pushes plaque and bacteria out of the centre of the molar and leaves a clean stain free surface. However when you hold the brush at a 45 degree angle down towards the gum line the sweeping action of the brush increases in speed, this allows it to more effectively sweep away plaque and allows Colgate to proudly claim that it cleans 5x more plaque than a manual brush. Again the video at the top does a wonderful job of explaining this with pictures.
Overall we think this is one of the best electric toothbrushes available on the market. It’s feature rich and does a fantastic job of keeping your teeth stain free and your gums really healthy, when used in combination with a good quality toothpaste dental problems should be a thing of the past. 
However if this isn’t quite what you're looking for there are plenty of other options available, if you're looking for the best electric toothbrush for kids then we have a whole section of reviews dedicated to this, or alternatively check out our other review sections for a whole host of our top five picks.

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