Colgate ProClinical C600 Power Toothbrush Review

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Introducing the ProClinical C600 Sonic Toothbrush Review

The Colgate ProClinical C600 is the second best electric toothbrush available within their range, and it is the first to include their special three distinct brushing modes. It also includes all the standard features which we have covered and reviewed when we took a look at the ProClinical C200 electric toothbrush recently.

When you first take the handle out of it's packaging it's clear it includes a very similar smart ergonomic and non-slip handle which works fantastically when the toothbrush handle or your hands are wet, it also means that it is designed to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand for comfortable regular use.

It also features Colgate's excellent lightweight, slim profile which is always part of the intelligent design within the Colgate ProClinical range. It makes the brush fully portable whilst still offering excellent performance which will transform the way you effectively clean your teeth and gums.

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Lets take a quick look at what you actually get in the box:

  • The Colgate ProClinical C600 rechargeable electric toothbrush

  • 1 x Triple Clean brush head - which we will cover in more detail later

  • 1 x Sensitive brush head - which isn’t included with the cheaper C200 model.

  • 1 x Charging base with additional space to store 2 brush heads - you might need to also pick up an 2 pin to 3 pin adaptor at the same time as purchasing your brush. Amazon UK sell one for under a fiver.

  • 1 x  Sturdy Travel case - small enough to pop into a suitcase

What is the C600 like to use?

When you first take it out of the box you will see that the interface is really very easy to use, with a simple single push button to start the brush, which at the same time also automatically activates the excellent two minute dentist-recommended timer to ensure you brush your teeth for long enough. This, in combination with the quadrant timer, which evenly spaces your brushing between the four sections of your mouth, allows you to achieve a great clean throughout your whole mouth with ease.

Colgate boast that the their entire Proclinical range has been developed in partnership with Omron, who, although you may not recognise the name, are truly global pioneers in high-tech "smart sensor robotics", they are particularly well known for developing life-saving health equipment such heart monitors  and blood sugar level monitors for the treatment of various health conditions. They have designed the included technology which will protect your teeth and gums from over brushing and gum disease which can lead to heart disease in later life.

When we first looked at the details of this rechargeable toothbrush the most noticeable differences between it and the lower model, the ProClinical C200, was when it came down to cleaning the C600 has faster brush head speeds, this helps increase the effects you can achieve. The technology used means the bursh sweeps 30,000 times a minute, and it’s these sensitive side-to-side strokes for the gentle sweeping of teeth that combine so really well with its mid-speed massaging strokes to ensure the complete removal of the built up plaque along the gum line, and then finally it’s fast up-down strokes are designed to deep clean molars and the tricky to reach parts at the back of your mouth.

ProClinical C600 Sonic Capabilities

The ProClinical C600 is one of the best sonic toothbrushes available, this is because it also features Colagte's unique sonic wave cleaning action which is claimed to provide a superior clean for teeth whilst also helping to reduce the pressure applied to the gum line. This in turn reduces the risk of gum damage from prolonged use. When the sonic action is compared against that of a normal manual brush the difference is clear and it will lead to a great improvement for your dental health.

So apart from the increased brush speed the only other major difference between this and the C200 is the addition of a manual mode selection. This is an excellent feature which allows you to fully customise the brushing modes used, for example if you suffer from sensitive teeth or receding gums you can adjust the speed of the brush to provide a more gentle, yet through clean. Any sonic toothbrush will help to reduce pressure damage but when you combine the manual brushing modes with a ProClinical Sensitive brush head you can achieve some really impressive cleaning results.

Talking of brush heads the Proclinical C600 comes with the choice of two. You receive one of each type of brush head when your make your purchase, if you are buying this to use for the whole family we would suggest you look at the multi-pack discount available on Amazon, because buying the heads individually can be a lot more expensive.

The first head included is the Colgate Proclinical Triple Clean, dentists recommend that you change these four times a year and so you can expect to get about 3 months out of the first one.

When you look at them closely you will noticed the spiral effect bristles which have been uniquely created to  properly polish your teeth in order to restore their natural; whiteness. They do this by removing the small buildup of staining on on the enamel surface’s in your mouth. The stains come from all kinds of sources which can including smoking, red wine and tea and the C600 is a powerful tool against them all. When we first started using the Colgate brush heads we weren’t initially convinced but after just a couple of weeks the changes were very noticeable

The triple clean head also features special slightly longer inner bristles which Colgate tell us are designed to do the best the job of removing plaque from your teeth’s enamel surfaces and gum line. By removing the source of plaque bacteria development is slower and massively decreases the risk of dental decay which can lead to you needing expensive fillings.

The final part of the electric toothbrush head is the tapered bristles which are directed away from the tip, they help to clean much deeper along your gum line, whilst these bristles do help with the removal of debris the stand out reason for this will be the sonic capabilities rather than brush head design. Overall the triple clean head has some fancy features, but most importantly we found when we used it it left our mouth feeling extra fresh and really well cleaned.

The C600 for sensitive teeth

The C600 also includes a second option in the box, this is a really great extra which isn’t included with the C200:

The ProClinical Sensitive Electric Toothbrush Head, which is a great option for those suffering from sensitive teeth or receding gums because it has been specially produced to provide a more gentle cleaning action along your gum line. You’ll know if you suffer from teeth or gum problems that this gentle cleaning will help reduce the chance of damage from overly aggressive teeth cleaning and can help stimulate your gums which increases blood flow to the area. If you want to find the best electric toothbrush for receding gums then this could be  the perfect candidate, (We do of course recommend you speak to your dentist for advice about receding gums.)

Now we know that sometimes people are concerned that a sensitive electric toothbrush head might not clean your teeth as well as the standard options. However we promise there is no need to worry, tests have shown that you will still achieve the same great cleaning actions just with a much softer bristle setup.

Finally the sensitive options include additional extra-fine inner bristles which provide some great enamel polishing which means that it is also very effective at removing staining from the teeth. However in all honestly we did think that stain removal is just slightly less effective with the sensitive brush head when compared to the triple clean, this is probably because it is less abrasive,  but as time went on the change became far more recognisable.

If you decide to buy a Proclinical C600 electric toothbrush then you should also pick up a tooth whitening chart at the same time, this will allow you to compare the results by establishing your current shade of white and then after one month of use you can compare again and we’re sure anyone using it will notice a difference. We should also point out that these are the same heads used in the ProClincal A1500, which is as top of the line toothbrus

Overall we really like this product, it does exactly what it claims it will and leaves you feeling satisfied when you brush your teeth. The choice is limited but it does offer a sensitive option which we think is a must. If your looking for a better brush we would suggest the Colgate A1500 because of it’s intelligent adjustments of speed and pressure depending on which tooth you are brushing.

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