Oral-B Professional Care 3000 Rechargable Toothbrush Review

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The Oral-B Professional Care 3000 is the second best electric toothbrush in Oral-B's range; it includes all the excellent features from the previous models. However it is the first in the range to include three brushing modes, which includes the standard daily clean plus both sensitive and whitening modes. Sensitive mode most suitable for those with sensitive teeth or receding gum lines, whilst whitening mode adds a polish effect to the cleaning for naturally whiter teeth.

Opening the box you’ll notice it includes three brush heads, this is nine months’ supply plus considering that replacements only cost a few quid you should have no trouble following the dentist’s recommendation to change the brush head every 3 months. This model is also the first to include the larger recharging unit with space to store additional brush heads hygienically. Although not as compact as the charger with the Professional Clean 600 it does look very stylish in your bathroom.

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Professional Care 3000 Technical Features

On the technical side this electric toothbrush’s pulse rate is 40,000 per minute and it rotates 8,800 times too. This is a big increase up from the base model and the effects are noticeable, it sweeps away plaque and the pulsations break down build-ups which allow the rotary head to clean much more effectively.

You can check out a full summary of all Oral-B’s features which includes a look at their more recent TriZone range, in on our Oral-B feature comparison chart here. It covers all the important features you should look for when you want to find a good electric toothbrush as well as links to all of our reviews and product information. You can also see a full review of the nine compatible brush heads available here.

Professional Care 3000 PackagingThis brush does offer excellent value for money and right now Amazon have it on offer with a 55% saving compared to the normal retail price. So if you decide to go out and buy this brush today what will you get when you first open up the box at home? 

  •  1 x Professional Care 3000 rechargeable toothbrush
  •  1 x Charging stand with room for four brush heads
  •  1 x Precision Clean brush head
  •  1 x 3DWhite brush head
  •  1 x Floss Action brush head

The battery life, with a full 24 hours of charge will last for around a week, perfect if you are charging your brush in another room in the house. The brush holder faces the base of the replacement head towards the front of the unit which makes it really easy to see the coloured rings which are included so you can identify who owns each one.

Learning to use the brush itself will take very little time, the modes are really easy to select and when we first picked up this toothbrush we noticed the power button was slightly raised, making it really easy to feel for. My kids have no problem using this brush, they had it under control in a matter of days.

If you do have kids then we would recommend the Oral-B stages brush head which is smaller and more colourful than the grown-up version. It helps make brushing your children's teeth more fun and when used in combination with the other great features your kids smile will be protected for years. It is important to encourage children when it comes to brushing and you can find out more in our best electric toothbrushes for kids section.

Teeth Cleaning and Sonic Features

The handle includes lots of features to help you brush your teeth properly, first an automatic quadrant brushing timer, sounds a little complicated but basically when you’re brushing split your mouth into four different sections, when you turn on the toothbrush it begins to countdown, after 30 seconds the electric toothbrush indicates that you should change sections. This process goes on for a total of two minutes, which is the suggested dentist suggested recommendation; this ensures you have properly brushed each individual area of your mouth.

The handle also features our favourite safety feature the red LED which lights up when you apply too much pressure whilst brushing. Over brushing is a common problem when your new to the world of electric toothbrushes therefore the addition of this little LED makes it really easy to see when you’re at risk. The brush will also change speed automatically to reduce the chance of damage.

Right, so let’s move on to the cleaning features which make this model better than its predecessors; the three separate brushing modes:

British Dental Health Foundation Approved

The first standard mode is the daily clean, it uses the full 40,000 pulsations per minute and is one of the best all round cleans we have come across, it effectively removes plaque, bacteria and stains from the surface of your teeth. This mode is best used in combination with the precision clean head and you should find this is more than enough for everyday cleaning.

Next up we have sensitive mode, as you might expect this is designed for people with particularly sensitive teeth, it is also an excellent option if you suffer from a receding gum line, and the slower more gentle action is less intense on your gums. We would always suggest using this mode with the sensitive brush head designed with softer bristles and always check with your dentist if you suffer problems.

Finally we have the whitening mode is designed to better polish the surface of your teeth,  giving you a whiter smile as it removes common problem stains caused by every day food and drink. We found the best results when we used it with the 3D Whitening brush head and boy did we notice some big changes, within just three weeks of switching we noticed an improvement and I now find that using this mode twice a week and then my normal daily clean the rest of the time is more than enough to keep my mouth white.

Personally I have to floss more than the average person and therefore when I've been looking for the best electric toothbrush one of the most vital technologies I like to see included is the ability to clean between teeth, which is also known as inter-dental cleaning. Oral-B claim that the 3000 will reach twice as deep between teeth to help remove 100% more plaque than your manual brush, this will seriously reduce the need for flossing. In my opinion this is one of the best-selling points of this brush.

Personally I think that the Professional Care 3000 really gives you options when you are cleaning your teeth. The huge range of brush heads only expands its capability and when we compared it to the Colgate A1500 the increase in the number of brush heads available skyrockets from just two up to nine. 

There really aren't many negatives when we are comparing this toothbrush against others, however you should think about whether or not you need to find a brush with sonic capabilities. They are a little more expensive but if you really have trouble with rotary brushes then they are worth considering, you can find our top five here.

It would also have been a big plus if they had included a travel case with this model, sadly you need to move up to the 5000 model to find it included however you can pick up a travel case on Amazon for a decent price. Overall we do like the Oral-B range they offer good value for money, an excellent clean and a good range of accessories to choose from. 

If you can afford to move up to the next model then you should, it includes the smart screen which provides on-screen brushing advice, it also offers extra additional brush heads and travel case which this model does not. Both the Professional Care 3000 and 5000 are available right now on Amazon with a 50% or more discount.

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