Philips Sonicare DiamondClean HX9332

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If you’re here looking for the best electric toothbrush then, in our opinion, you've just found it! Recommended by dental professionals the DiamondClean sonic toothbrush really is feature rich; with five brushing modes and it’s special diamond-shaped brush head it will ensure that your teeth are kept both cleaner and whiter than your existing manual brush. Phillips claim that it will give you visibly whiter teeth in just seven days, and we happily agree with this your teeth definitely go up a few shades of white.

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DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush: Stand Out Features

So let’s talk about the travel case and glass charger first, this is the only brush we have come across to include both of these features. To begin with the travel case is excellent, charging via USB it means you can be away from home for as long as you like and never have to be without your trusted brush, the case is both sturdy and the ideal size.
Next up the glass charger, again unique and wonderful, most other products include a standard plastic design but the small glass looks so much better in my bathroom, then again chargers might not seem so important when you find out that the battery life is a staggering 3 weeks. This means you can brush your teeth 42 times before it needs to be charged again, and when it does need power the battery indicator will let you know well in advance.
Philip's Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush Box and PackagingSo if you decided to buy this what do you get with retail package? It includes the following extras:
  • 1 x DiamondClean Handle
  • 1 x DiamondClean Standard brush head
  • 1 x DiamondClean mini brush head
  • 1 x Glass Charging Glass
  • 1 x USB Charging Travel Case
The brush heads which are included are just a sample of the whole range, and you can find out everything you need to know about the ones which are compatible in our Philips Brush Head Guide. Personally my favourite is the DiamondClean head. I like the standard size best but my daughter finds the mini ones are better for her mouth, the only difference really is size and it’s about which one you find most comfortable to use. The brush heads also include a reminder to replace feature, which basically means the blue bristles fade over use and when they go white it’s time to get a new head, great to make sure you keep up to your dentist’s suggestion to replace it every 3 months.

Sonic Toothbrush: Cleaning Technology

The brush performs 31,000 sweeps per minute in your mouth, more than enough to sweep away 7x the plaque and bacteria when compared to a manual brush, and when this is combined with the dentist-recommended two minute timer with quadrant spacer, it’s perfect to make sure you clean your teeth for long enough. For those without an electric toothbrush a quadrant timer makes sure you clean 4 different sections of your mouth for thirty seconds each, giving you an even clean, it’s now a standard feature on most options out there.
DiamondClean Glass ChargerTo add to this the huge choice of five different brushing modes is another big plus, they include;
  • Clean - the standard mode for a whole mouth clean
  • White – removes stains more quickly to whiten teeth
  • Polish - polishes teeth to bring out their natural whiteness
  • Gum Care – designed to gently massage you gum line and sweep away plaque which builds up over time
  • Sensitive – a really gentle option great for those suffering from receding gums or sensitive teeth
Personally I use the white brushing option every day, I often drink too much coffee and find that in combination with the DiamondClean brush head this is one of the best sonic toothbrushes for keeping the stains away. We know from reading other reviews online that a lot of people like the sensitive option, but that doesn't come as a surprise, it is one of the best options for sensitive teeth and gums. We are sure once you try it you really won’t want to go back to a manual option.
Before I bought it I did wonder why so many dentists recommend Sonicare, however the packaging makes it crystal clear; Philips have gone to great lengths to ensure that their claims are backed up by clinical trials, and so they really have put it through its paces in 175 different clinical trials. Their special patented sonic technology gently pushes fluid through the gaps between your teeth and around your gum line; this is gentler on gums than a regular rotary option because it requires less pressure to gain similar results.
Electric Toothbrush with USB ChargerOverall we think this one of the best sonic toothbrushes available on the market and we would highly recommend it, the only downside to this product is the lack of a pressure sensor which is included with the FlexCare Platinum, however with the sensitive options and the easy start program which gradually increases the power of the brush over the first 14 uses do make up for this and you should have plenty of time to get used to this it’s abilities before it reaches full power mode. The fact it is an electric toothrbush with usb charger is a great added benefit too.
Amazon currently has this model with an incredible discount of 60% which means you can save over £150 if you decide to buy it today. We hope you found this electric toothbrush review helpful and if you did then we would love for you to share this on Facebook, help us get the word out there and improve dental health across the UK!

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