Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Sonic Toothbrush HX9112 & HX9172

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Available in two different models the SoniCare FlexCare Platinum offers .you almost everything Philip’s has to offer in their range of excellent electric toothbrushes. The only brush in the range which comes close is the DiamondClean, but when it comes to cleaning the FlexCare Platinum definitely has more to offer, it is the only model from Philip’s which includes a build in pressure sensor to ensure over brushing is never a problem for you or your teeth.
It includes three independent brushing modes, and these options also include 3 variable speed and intensity options, in effect you have 9 different options to choose from, which sounds like a lot but if you find you suffer from sensitive teeth or gums the low intensity settings are excellent. 

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What's Included with the FlexCare Platinum?

So, we said earlier that this brush is available in two options let’s take a look at what’s included with the FlexCare Platinum Standard Edition, which is currently available with a 50% discount:
  • SoniCare Handle
  • InterCare standard brush head
  • InterCare mini brush head
  • Hard travel case
  • Charger

Electric Toothbrush with UV Sanitiser

You could also decide to go for the version which includes a UV sanitiser; you’ll find that here with a 50% discount too. The UV sanitiser ensures that your brush heads are kept thoroughly clean; it makes use of the same technology you find in both hospitals and at the dentist. It’s a simple to operate ten minute process to kill bacteria and germs lurking on your brush plus the charging unit includes room for two brush heads when they are not in use. I think this is probably the most hygienic toothbrush we have come across.
The FlexCare Platinum includes Philip’s amazing battery, lasting for a total of 21 days that’s a total of 42 bushes between charges. It means if you don’t charge it in the bathroom then it can still be kept there for nearly 3 weeks. The low battery indicator makes it really easy to see when you’ll next need to charge your brush.
The InterCare brush heads which are included are just two of the whole range, we have covered in depth the advantages of each of the brush heads which are compatible this model in our Philips Brush Head Guide. The excellent InterCare head which is included with this model will ensure that your interdental care is taken care of, the long green bristles get deeper between teeth to sweep away plaque and bacteria helping to prevent dental health problems, it also reduces the need for flossing which will suite most since very few adults in the UK do this on a regular basis anyway. You also get a mini brush head which is an example of the smaller SoniCare options which are ideal for cleaning orthodontic work, making this one of the best options as an electric toothbrush for bracers.
When it comes down to cleaning the highest setting is immense, with 31,000 sweeps a minutes and a promise to remove seven times more plaque than your existing manual brush it’s more than enough to make sure you get a fresh clean mouth every morning. The quadrant timer, which is activated when you start cleaning your teeth, makes sure that you clean for the full two minutes which is the suggested amount twice a day. Separating your mouth into four sections ensures you spend exactly 30 seconds in each quadrant, evenly cleaning your teeth and gums. This is one of the best electric toothbrush features, and it really helps improve your dental routine.
On top of the timer FlexCare is the only SoniCare model to include a pressure sensor, this will help prevent a common problem for new users, over brushing. When you apply too much pressure when you clean your teeth you risk damaging your gums, this makes the building in vibration warning really  handy. After using the brush for a few weeks you'll notice you adjust your technique which will improve your cleaning results.

FlexCare Platinum Electric Toothbrush Stand

This brush allows you to specifically target an area of your oral health which bothers you. You can choose between three available brushing options, which allows you to target the following:
  • Clean - the standard mode for a whole mouth clean
  • White - removes surface stains to whiten teeth
  • Gum Care - gently stimulates and massages gums
Personally, as I mentioned when reviewing the DiamondClean, I prefer to make use of the white option most mornings, my choice of hot drinks usually leaves me with slightly stained teeth but since using a SoniCare brush I’ve definitely noticed a huge difference in stain build-up, with the most impressive results occurring when I used it in combination with a DiamondClean head. Amazon’s reviews support this view with lots of people commenting that they were sceptical at first but the improvement was genuine.
Before I bought it I did wonder why so many dentists recommend SoniCare?  Philips support the claims they make about this power toothbrush with 175 different clinical trials, proving that what they say about their products is sincere. If you have used a rotary option in the past then you might find the change to sonic cleaning a big improvement, their unique patented technology gently pushes the fluid in your mouth during brushing through teeth forcing out plaque and bacteria whilst still being gentle on your gums. Leaving you with a noticeable clean feeling and again reducing the overall need to floss. 

FlexCare Platinum Electric ToothbrushThe FlexCare Platinum range are a great choice electric toothbrush for braces, but as you might expect the brush heads will need replacing more often. The sonic cleaning action will gently push fluid  between the metal framework forcing out bacteria and gently sweeping the surface clean.  They are also great for use with crowns, veneers and all types of fillings, plus hopefully continued use will reduce the need for any further dental treatments in the future.  

A nice feature across the entire sonic range in the easy start program, this gradually increases the speed and power of the brush over it's first 14 uses. This allows your mouth time to adjust to your new brushing routine and should help prevent any problems a first time user might experience. You should remember this when you first open your brush, don't be disappointed if you're comparing it to an older model you already own, things will  very quickly improve. 

Sonic Toothbrush: FlexCare Summary

Overall I think that the SoniCare range does offer the user some excellent features, it is bound to improve your dental routine which in turn will mean you suffer less dental problems in the future.  The FlexCare does have some good competition, the DiamondClean model, which includes the unique glass charger and USB charging travel case which some users might prefer,  however it doesn't include the UV sanitiser or, surprisingly, the pressure sensor which is one of the best electric toothbrush features.
Amazon currently has both the  HX9112 & HX9172 on offer with a 50% discount which is another great reason to pick it up quickly, but if you prefer to consider all the options why not check out one of our top 5 choices or have a read through a view of our other reviews, you might want to consider the Trizone 5000, or even the Colgate A1500. If you decide to go for it please let us know on your Facebook page, we would love to hear what you think!

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